Hi, I'm Harshad Satra - Web Developer

Hi! I'm Harshad, a Web Developer. I work with Yellow Slice, building web sites and applications, focusing on HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

I have a Bachelors degree in Information technology, love the open web platform and interactive designing.



Spotlight is a fashion, beauty, film & entertainment website.

Website | by Minions

Gives you the Basic information about websites i.e (How? What? Why?)


Festival of colours.


Why I love Animate.css?

Dolly Weds Manan

Weeding Present

Weeding present to the Friend.

All about blogging

blogging for web development

My Skills

HTML5 : 85%

CSS3 : 65%

Javascript : 50%

  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Wordpress CMS


If you have any IDEAS, Contact me and lets see if we can work it out to make the web better.